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Types of Bangs

As there are many types of bangs, your choice of bangs style is not always easy. Bangs (or “fringes,” as some call them) are the strands of hair directly above your face. How you style your bangs is most likely the most important decision you make with your hairstyle. When someone looks at your face, they take in your bangs as part of their impression of your face. While the hairstyle itself as a whole is important, your bangs make the biggest impact on your face’s appearance.

Types of Bangs – The Types

The main types of bangs are as follows:

  • Side-swept bangs: Bangs that are “swept” to the side of the face. They are usually shorter than the hair on the side.
  • Chopped bangs: Bangs that are “chopped” in a manner that makes them look uneven and messy. This is one of the types of bangs most suitable for males.
  • Chaotic bangs: Bangs that appear to have no rhyme or reason. Chaotic bangs are an extreme version of chopped bangs and work well for more extreme styles of hair and clothing (read: punk, goth, and other subcultures).
  • Parted bangs: Bangs that are parted and fall on the face. If your hair is not long enough for side-swept bangs, this is usually a suitable choice for a similar style.
  • Asymmetrical bangs: Bangs that are not cut symmetrically. Like chopped bangs and chaotic bangs, this is one of the types of bangs that is less conservative. However, asymmetrical bangs tend to look neat and orderly, and are therefore suitable for many styles.
  • Straight-across bangs: Bangs that are cut straight across. Of all the types of bangs, this type is the simplest. But, choosing where you wish the bangs to fall on your face is an important step in creating a stylish look with straight bangs.
types of bangs

Side-swept bangs

 Types of Bangs РChoosing Your Bang Style

The first thing you should do before getting excited about any of the types of bangs is to make sure you take good care of your hair. Learn the basics of hair care before you start messing with your hair. No matter how beautiful of a style you choose for your bangs and hair, it won’t look good if you don’t have healthy care.

Okay, assuming that you are taking good care of your hair, you should be able to figure out which types of bangs are suitable for you after reflecting on the following questions:

  • Is your hair curly or straight?
  • Is your hair dry or oily?
  • Is your face round, oval, triangular, or square?
  • Is your face long, average, or wide?
  • Do you want a conservative image or a radical one?
  • Is your hair thick or thin?
  • Is your hair long or short?

All of these questions are important in knowing which types of bangs are suitable for you. Although you may wish to experiment with many types of bangs, not all types of bangs work with all types of people.

This website will help you answer these questions and determine which types of bangs will enhance your beauty the most.



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